Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Free print giveaway

I haven't done this for while so I thought I would give away this A5 hippie doll print. Just leave a comment and you will be entered into the free prize drawer. Winner will be revealed on Monday 25th April.

The print is black on 265gsm grey colorplan paper.

Good luck.


  1. Oh I hope I'm not too late! I would absolutely LOVE to win this beautiful print for two reasons...1 i am a mahoosive fan of russian dolls and 2 I have recently moved into a new house and the previous owner had what I can ony describe as an obsession with black and white!! The whole house, every room, is decorated in black and white so this would look fab in any room. Kirstie xx

  2. Not too late, but if you do win I will need an email or something to get in touch with you.

  3. That print is so lovely! I love matryoshka dolls!

    neyniw at hotmail dot com

  4. Kirstie - you have won the print, email me your address and I will send it to you. Well done.